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This is a hobby site and all the exercises are written by me (Bob or Rob). I'm an English teacher working in Valencia, Spain. My aim is to provide a free resource for students and teachers of English. Why? Eeer, I'm not really sure. Maybe someone will offer me a fantastic job one day. Maybe that person is you! 
My brother Jim is also an English teacher. He works in Hat Yai, Thailand and loves Thailand as much as I love Spain
If you can't find the exercise you're looking for, leave me a message and I'll write it for you, probably. All the online versions of exercises are written using HOT POTATOES
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The Basics
Adverbs of frequency Possessive adjectives and prouns
Adverbs of manner Possessive nouns 's
Anybody, something and nothing Some and any
To be in the present simple Subject and object pronouns
Countable and uncountable nouns There is, there are
Demonstratives (this, that etc) What and which
Have and have got
Adjectives: comparative and superlative Parts of speech
Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING The Passive voice
Adjectives: word order The Passive in questions
Adverbs of degree Plural and singular nouns and verbs
Agreeing and disagreeing (So do I etc) Pronunciation: vowels and stress
All, half, most and none Pronunciation of the regular past
Although and despite Purpose: for, to and so that
Any more, no longer and still Question tags (,isn't it?)
Articles: a, an and the Reflexive pronouns
Articles: definite and zero Relative clauses: defining
As and like Relative clauses: non-defining
As long as, providing that and unless Reported speech
As soon as, if and unless Reporting verbs
Direct and indirect pronouns So and such
Either, neither and both Spelling
False friends Still and yet
Few, a few, little, a little Translations Spanish to English
Gerund or infinitive after the verb Word order: typical mistakes
Gerund or infinitive: typical student mistakes  
Gerund or infinitive with meaning change
Modifying adjectives and adverbs: easily, by far etc
Modal Verbs
Can, could and to be able to Have something done
Can, could, may and might Make, let and to be allowed to
Can, could, may, might - ability and permission Might/would + have + past participle
Can't, could, may, might, must - deduction Must, have to, should and ought to
Don't have to and mustn't Need, needn't and should
Had better and would rather Used to and to be/get used to
After adjectives (afraid of etc) For and to
After verbs (want to etc) From and of
At, in, on and to In and on
At and in Place
At and to Time
Directions Typical preposition mistakes
During and for
Auxiliary verbs Question words or interrogatives
Indirect questions Short answers
No auxiliary verb Which or what? 
Passive questions Word order in questions
Question tags
The Zero conditional Past simple
The first conditional Past simple: irregular verbs
The second condtional Past simple: pronunciation of -ed
The third conditional Present continuous
I wish and if only Present perfect continuous
Future continuous Present perfect: already, just, still, yet
Future perfect Present perfect: for and since
Going to Present perfect or past simple
Going to or will Present simple
Mixed tenses Present simple: the third person S
Past continuous Present simple or continuous
Past perfect continuous Subjunctive
Past perfect or past simple  
For Spanish speakers: translations and mistakes Have got, comparatives, short answers, word order
Going to and questions Some and any, questions and irregular verbs
Tricky Words
Alone and lonely Important, interesting and serious
Achieve, manage and reach Job and work
Be and Get Journey, travel and trip
Beat, earn and win Know and meet
Been and gone Lay, lie and lie
Believe and think Lexical phrases with give, have and take
Borrow and lend Like and want
Care, matter and mind Look like and seem
Come and go Look, see and watch
Commonly confused words Lose and miss
Do and make Remember and remind
Early and soon Say and tell
Excited, nervous and worried Speak and talk
Expect, hope and wait  
Hard, heavy and strong collocations  
Home, house and household  
Advice Kitchen sayings
Animals - fish, insects, reps London slang
Animals - mammals New York slang
Business People
Common sayings Predictions
Country sayings Remarks
Decisions Sayings about friends and lovers
Emotions South African idioms
Exclamations Top Twelve Idioms
Food - fish and meat Work sayings
Food - fruit and vegetables  
Irish idioms  
Language area
Gerund or infinitive Verbs
Grammar  Vocabulary
Prepositions Word Order
Time Wrong Verb
Top Twenty
Agony aunt Aliens visit earth
A crime of passion Daily routine
A famous person My Favourite Sport
Be Look
Break Make
Fall Put
Get Run
Give Take
Go Turn
Adjectives Food
Body nouns Homonyms
Body verbs Homophones
Business People adjectives
The Car Personality
The Country Sport
Crime Synonyms
Environment Verbs
False friends The Weather


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